Children’s Story THE SMALL THUMB

Cuento infantil EL PEQUEÑO PULGAR, História Infantil O PEQUENO POLEGAR, Children's Story THE SMALL THUMB,子どもの物語The Little Thumb,Kindergeschichte Der kleine Daumen


Once upon a time there was a very poor man and woman. They had no children and their only wish was to have a child. One night while the couple were sitting on the porch, they saw a shooting star and the woman said, “Let’s make a wish! We want a baby, and it’s okay if he’s a little one! ”

Seven months later their wish came true – a little child was born, as small as the size of a thumb. His parents called him Little Thumb, and they loved him deeply. The boy was getting smarter and lighter each day, but he didn’t grow in size, so his parents were always very careful that nothing bad happened to him.
One day Little Thumb said to his father, “I’m old enough to help with chores like all the other kids do. Please, father, let me guide the horse to your work? I may not be big enough to hold the reins, but I can sit on the horse’s ear and talk the way it should go. ”

The father accepted because he knew his son was very smart and could really do the job. Little Thumb sat on the horse’s ear and told him where to go. But halfway inside the forest, he bumped into two strangers. The men tried to figure out who was leading the horse, but could not understand. They circled the horse looking until they could see Little Thumb sitting comfortably on the horse’s ear.

“My God !!” exclaimed the stranger because he had never seen anyone so small. “Where are your parents?” Asked the boy, and Little Thumb pointed toward his father, who was walking behind. “Good Morning! We have great news for you, my lord! We will give you the money you want if you agree to sell your little child. We’ll take him on a trip with us, do concerts and make a fortune with him, because nowhere in the world has we seen such a small child! ”

“My son is not a jester and is not for sale!” Said his father angrily. But Little Thumb jumped on his father’s shoulder and whispered in his ear, “Listen, Dad. You are getting old and you will not always be able to work hard. But if you let me go with these two men and take the money they are offering you, you and Mom will finally have a better life. I promise I’ll be right back. ”The man, who always listened to his son’s words, agreed and decided to let him go. Little Thumb sat down on the hat of one of the two strangers and left with them.

Then the men stopped for lunch. Little Thumb got out of his hat and slipped into a mouse hole. The man tried to get him out of the hole with two sticks, but failed because Little Thumb had run deep into the hole, and they could only hear his little voice. “You can go without me, gentlemen!” It was getting dark and the men had no choice but to continue the journey without the boy.

Once he was sure the men were gone, he crawled out of the hole and began looking for somewhere to spend the night. As she walked, Little Thumb bumped into an empty snail shell and quickly entered it. He was almost asleep when he suddenly heard voices, “How do we steal the pastor’s house exactly?” Little Thumb immediately understood that these were thieves, and decided to save the pastor’s house.

“Good evening, gentlemen!” Little Thumb saluted, but the men couldn’t see where the voice came from. “On here! Follow the sound of my voice and you will find me, ”he guided the thieves. “I can help you with this theft because I’m so small I can go wherever I want.” At first the men couldn’t believe their own eyes, but the boy didn’t care about their shocked expression. “I go, get in the house and take things out. If you take me there, of course. ”And finally he convinced them and they all went to the pastor’s house.

The minute he found himself inside the house, Little Thumb began to make a lot of noise. “Stop these noises!” Said the thieves, but the boy pretended not to understand what they had said. “What do you want? Want everything? ”Shouted Little Thumb, causing a maid to wake up. She realized that a robbery was happening, saw the thieves and told them to leave. They got scared and ran off. She didn’t see Little Thumb, and he finally got a good night’s sleep on the hay.

In the morning Little Thumb was woken up by a cow, who was eating the hay calmly. And it was the same hay he slept on. Before he could run, Little Thumb realized he was inside the cow’s stomach. “Help! Help! I’m trapped inside the cow! ”The boy began to shout, hoping someone would hear him.
The shepherd was passing by and when he heard the voice coming from the cow’s belly, he thought there was some evil spirit

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